The admissions process for the next school year at Chatham Charter begins September first, each year. The deadline for submitting an application for the lottery is the last school day in January.  In early February all completed applications received on or before the January due date are placed in a lottery to form a wait list. The lottery will be February 13, 2014. The lottery is open to the public. Parents will be notified of acceptance or their wait list number within 5 school days.

    Class size is limited by our charter and the total number of students we are allowed to accept is limited by the State of North Carolina. The lottery drawings will be used to prioritize a wait list to fill open slots in each grade level should they occur. *Staff children and siblings of currently enrolled students have top preference of being accepted.. Once students are admitted they will retain their slot until they leave voluntarily, graduate from the school, reach an age not served by the school (see next paragraph), or expelled for reasons stated in the student handbook.

    Prior to final admission and grade level placement for students who receive a slot, all students will be required to part or all of the following:

    1)  meet all health requirements set forth by the state of NC and exhibit records as such

    2)  If necessary, submit to an interview which includes parent(s) or guardian, the Head of School, and any faculty member the director has assigned to an interview committee

    3)  If necessary, submit to placement exams as directed by the school

    4)  Supply a current transcript of grades standardized test scores from current


    5)  If necessary, supply a statement or recommendation from the most recent

    Mathematics and Language Arts teacher

    6)  If, school has started and student is transferring in, supply a letter from the current

    Principal transferring from that states the student is not under a current suspension

    A new student will have two weeks to submit the above required information. After two weeks, they may forfeit his/her position in Chatham Charter School.