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Printing Error Notice: Discount Cards

posted Aug 23, 2016, 5:48 PM by Beth McCullough

There was an unfortunate error on the Knights Discounts Cards being sold by the Chatham Charter Athletic Boosters. The vendor hired to handle the cards made a mistake in listing the discount for Crossroads Grill. The cards are being reprinted as quickly as possible and will be redistributed. If you purchased an erroneous card please either ask for a replacement from the person who sold it to you or email boosters at for a new card.

Our apologies to everyone who was looking forward to that BOGO free cheeseburger and most sincerely to Crossroads Grill! Crossroads Grill has generously supported our programs, and we will enjoy our free drink with purchase!

Thank you for your support of our students and the athletic opportunities your donations help provide!!


Chatham Charter Athletic Boosters

SchoolMessenger Weekly Update - 8/12/16

posted Aug 12, 2016, 1:19 PM by Beth McCullough

PowerSchool Maintenance Weekend

There will be a statewide PowerSchool maintenance weekend from Friday, August 12, through Sunday, August 14. PowerSchool will shut down Friday at 5:00 p.m.  PowerSchool will be returned to service no later than 6:00AM Monday morning.  No one will be able to access the system during these times. 

Pittsboro Bus Afternoon Route Change

Thank you for being patient as the school has been working on the schedule of the afternoon bus route. Administration anticipates further adjustments may be necessary and will keep affected families informed as decisions are made. At this time the current schedule is in effect, but the school will share information with families in enough time to make adjustments in personal schedules.

Student Handbook

Please take time to review the Student Handbook. Each year there are updates. It is posted under the Parents and Students tab on the school website.

Direct link:


Fall Middle School Sports Start Monday

Fall middle school sports teams will begin to practice on Monday, August 15. Schedules are posted as the first item on the school website News section. Students must have an active physical and other forms submitted to coaches before they can practice.

Direct link:


Knights Apparel & Discount Cards

Show your school spirit and support the Athletic Department by purchasing Knights logo items between now and September 9th. The Athletic Boosters are also taking orders discount cards for $10. Area businesses have good deals that save you money and support our school athletic program. The card pays for itself quickly. See the links on our website (under “News”) for more information.




SchoolMessenger Update Announcement – 8/9/16

posted Aug 9, 2016, 2:22 PM by Beth McCullough

SchoolMessenger Update Announcement – 8/916


Good First Day

Thanks to all staff, students and families for helping us have a smooth start to the new school year. In particular the morning traffic was manageable because elementary families made short visits and high school drivers came after 8:00AM. Please do the same the rest of this week.


K-8 Car Rider Tags

One of the only trouble spots in the opening day was that many families forgot to display their car rider tags making it difficult for staff to direct students to the correct vehicles. Please display yours starting tomorrow. Tags for new families will be sent home with students on Wednesday. If your family misplaced its tag, notify a staff member during morning drop-off on Wednesday.


Student Parking

Student drivers, you can park on campus AFTER 8:00AM the remainder of this week. Seniors, if your designated parking spot is available tomorrow when you come to campus, park in it. Juniors and sophomores, if there is a parking space in the lower building lot available when you arrive park in it. Otherwise, park behind the middle school away from the circle drive (near the railroad tracks). Help us keep a smooth traffic flow by knowing what to do and where to be at the appropriate times.  



Senior Family Night

This Thursday, August 11, all seniors and their families need to attend the Senior Family Night at 6:00PM in the high school lobby. This event is designed to prepare families for what to expect throughout the senior year. Information about college applications and a timeline for purchasing senior items (including graduation items) will be the agenda topics.




Purchase Knights Discount Cards

posted Aug 7, 2016, 12:19 AM by Beth McCullough   [ updated Aug 7, 2016, 11:15 AM ]

Show your school spirit and support the Knights Athletic Department by pre-ordering a discount card. Below are the information letter and pre-order form. A PDF version of the form is also attached at the bottom of the page.

SchoolMessenger Announcement – 8/7/16

posted Aug 5, 2016, 2:24 PM by Beth McCullough

Chatham Charter sends Sunday evening messages most weeks during the school year. New families will begin to receive messages after students begin to attend school. For a couple of weeks the message content will be posted on the school website as well as sent to returning families.


School Schedules & Opening Details

Please read the detailed announcement entitled “Daily School Schedules” under News on the school website before coming to school on Tuesday. It has information for all ages about arrival and dismissal. Help us keep a smooth traffic flow by knowing what to do and where to be at the appropriate times.   Also, don’t forget students need to pack lunches for the first week of school.

Funding Tied to Day 1

Some of our school funding is tied to students being in attendance on the first day of school. Students who are not in attendance on August 9th could impact the school budget negatively. Loss of funding means less resources for the school.


Pay Attention to School Communication

School staff works diligently to communicate well with families. Please help us by relying on it as your first source of information. As our school has grown, so have staff responsibilities. We need everyone to look to the school website, social media sites (Facebook & Twitter), Schedule Star, emails, etc. before calling the school.


Senior Breakfast

Parents of the Class of 2017 will sponsor a Senior Breakfast on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 9, from 8:10-8:40AM in Mrs. Root's classroom (111). All seniors are invited to come. Senior parents, if you are able to donate an item or come and help, contact Dawn Murphy (




Daily School Schedules

posted Aug 4, 2016, 3:14 AM by Beth McCullough   [ updated Aug 8, 2016, 5:49 AM ]

As the new school year begins for students on Tuesday, August 9, one of the biggest challenges is routing traffic effectively with a combination of car riders, bus riders and student drivers in a K-12 environment. Two officers from the Chatham County Sheriff's Office will be on campus directing traffic for the first few mornings. School staff will also be positioned at key locations to support smooth traffic flow. Buildings open for student arrival at 7:30AM.

As in previous years, if it is raining during afternoon dismissal, the pick-up point will be at the end of the lower building for all grades during their designated dismissal times, not at the lower building entrance flagpole. However, the car line will still flow by the same pattern as the usual afternoon pick-up. (The pick-up point is the only part that changes on rainy days.) 

Week of August 9th

Morning drop-off: All K-8 morning drop-offs and K-12 afternoon pick-ups will go through the lower building car rider line. High school students riding with younger students should get out there, come through the lower building and enter the high school at the back door. High school students can also be dropped off at the high school front entrance. (Do not drop students off in the student parking lot.) Be on time for school. Coming at or after 7:55AM (K-8) or 8:40AM (high school) creates stress for students and staff. The morning drop-off process is the same throughout the school year. 

• Afternoon pick-up: Everyone goes through the car rider line in the afternoon. (See the staggered dismissal schedule at the bottom of this announcement.)  No students should be picked up at the high school building. Come through the line at the time the oldest child is dismissed. Coming too early only clogs up the line and forces you to circle unnecessarily. Staff stay with younger siblings until older siblings are dismissed. The afternoon pick-up process is the same throughout the school year.

• The kindergarten students will have staggered entry over a three-day period. In order to give these "first time" students and their families extra support, please allow us to devote the majority of parking lot spaces to them before 8:00AM. 

• Any family members who walk elementary students into the building are asked to not stay in classrooms in order to be fair to all families who want to walk children to class and need parking space. Family members of new students are invited to Cheers and Tears in the media center on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:30-8:00 AM where the PTSA will have coffee and snacks. 

High school drivers, do not come to the high school area before 8:00AM. Drop off siblings in the regular car rider line and return to campus after 8:00AM. Elementary parents making a quick trip into the lower building with their children will need to use the high school senior parking lot before 8:00AM. For at least the first two days of school it is likely all high school students will need to park behind the gym/middle school. This largely depends on how quickly elementary parents vacate the high school paved student parking lot. An officer will give instructions.

• Twelfth grade parents will host a senior breakfast in Mrs. Root's room before first period on Tuesday, August 9, from 8:10-8:40AM. All seniors are invited.

• Any high school drivers who did not purchase a parking pass during Open House can do so Tuesday with Mr. Suggs, who will be in the lobby area or the Internet Cafe. It will not be a problem since it is likely all high school students will need to park behind the gym/middle school for the first day or so of the school year.

Grade level start and dismissal times

  Kindergarten-Second Grade

Start: 8:00 AM

Dismissal:  2:55-3:05 PM


Third-Sixth Grade

Start: 8:00 AM

Dismissal:  3:05-3:15 PM


Seventh & Eighth Grade

Start: 8:00 AM

Dismissal:  3:15-3:25 PM


High School

8:45 AM-3:45 PM

(Note: 11th & 12th graders have some community college classes on a different schedule.)

Math Boot Camp for 9th Graders

posted Aug 2, 2016, 11:38 AM by Beth McCullough

Back to School 2016 at Chatham Charter

posted Aug 1, 2016, 10:49 AM by Beth McCullough   [ updated Aug 8, 2016, 5:26 AM ]

Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade at Chatham Charter School in Siler City will begin a new school year on Tuesday, August 9. 

“We are at a point to begin building on the strong K-12 foundation we have been working nearly four years to establish. Our staff has embraced a number of leadership roles in the process. As a result, we can begin to seek out more service learning opportunities and school-business partnerships that will give our students an even richer experience. It is invigorating to see the possibilities ahead for Chatham Charter,” said Dr. John Eldridge, Head of School.

Though there are less major changes this year than in the previous three with the opening of a high school expansion in 2013 and the first class graduating last May, staff has worked over the summer to make several improvements. One is a parking lot will be added beside the baseball field to accommodate additional student drivers and evening visitors.

School-wide there will be a strong concentration on everyone in the school community contributing to school success. A theme of “Together to Twenty” will lead the school into its twentieth charter year celebration in 2017. An ongoing area of focus is college preparedness that begins in elementary school with teaching solid skills for success that lead to a young person who will flourish after high school graduation.

The Career and College Promise (CCP) program will be in its third year at Chatham Charter. The state program is in partnership with Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) and gives eleventh and twelfth graders ability to earn over 40 college transfer credits. The classes are considered “dual credit” because they also help the students simultaneously meet high school graduation requirements. The majority of seniors at Chatham Charter will complete one of the “pathways” of study, an accomplishment not achieved by the majority of students across the state in the CCP program. The Chatham Charter high school program is modeled after a middle college concept. Its master schedule has both high school and college-level courses built in versus allowing upperclassmen to take the CCP courses if they can fit them into the high school schedule. Juniors and seniors will have some classes on the CCCC campuses in yet another of Chatham Charter’s purposeful steps toward preparing for them for college life.

“CCCC continues to work with us to maximize the CCP opportunities. Each year we are finding new ways to expand the course offerings to match student needs. Though our school is small, we will have nearly 100 students participating this year,” commented Eldridge.

Through multiple events leading up to the first day of school, administration and staff are providing opportunities for new as well as returning students and their families to be well prepared for the 2016-2017 school year. A Fall Athletic Kickoff and Freshman Family Orientation were held on July 26th.

The evening of Thursday, August 4, is designated for the annual open house event. Families with students in multiple grade levels can choose which session they attend. Each session will begin in the gym.

            4:00-5:00 PM: Grades K-5 concentration

            5:00-5:45 PM: traffic transition time

            5:45-6:45 PM: Grades 6-12 concentration

In the area of athletics, the Knights are in their third year as a member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA). The Knights high school teams are in the Central Tarheel Conference. Knights middle school athletic teams are part of the Central Carolina Conference.

Knightsbridge Newsletter

posted Jul 26, 2016, 11:06 AM by Beth McCullough   [ updated Aug 4, 2016, 4:04 AM ]

Scroll down to the attached PDF to access the latest edition of Knightsbridge, a periodic newsletter for Chatham Charter families. The July edition contains a variety of back-to-school information. 

August 4th Open House Schedule

posted Jul 25, 2016, 8:22 AM by Beth McCullough

All students and families are urged to attend the school's annual Open House event on Thursday, August 4. Fifteen-minute information sessions will be held in the gym at 4:00 and 5:45 PM. Please begin your visit there.

4:00-5:00 PM: Grades K-5 concentration

5:00-5:45 PM: Traffic transition time

5:45-6:45 PM: Grades 6-12 concentration 
                         (Note: Parking passes for student drivers will be sold during this session in the high school building. Cost: $20)

Many families have students in multiple grades. These families are welcome to choose either session. Faculty will be available during both sessions.

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