Summer Sports Workouts 2020

**Updated 07/01/2020 with additional workout dates**

Due to Covid-19, Chatham Charter will be following the NCHSAA Summer Guidelines for summer workouts. Come ready to practice, bring your own water, towels, and any other items you may need. EVERYONE will start AT THE GYM for their temperature and symptoms to be checked. Then, students will report to their designated workout area. If your workouts are outside, you will exit out of a designated door and report to the practice area.

Indoor workouts can only have up to 10 people, including coaches. So, if two coaches are present, then only 8 students are allowed. Outdoor workouts can have up to 25 people, including coaches. Each coach needs to know prior to the scheduled workout who is coming, and the NCHSAA Initial Screening for each student must be filled out. If a student shows up to workout and the group is already at maximum capacity, that student won’t be able to workout and will need to return home.

General Workout Details:

  • Coaches and Students come to the check-in in the gym DAILY for checks

  • Players must turn in their Initial Health Screening on their first day of workouts

  • Check Physical dates. The NCHSAA has given an extension for some physicals. The NCHSAA statement is as follows:

“Due to the timing of the Stay at Home Order and restrictions, some areas may not have participated in mass Preparticipation Physicals as they have in the past. In May, the NCHSAA recognized this issue and allowed for a one-year extension for many student athletes. The approved regulation now states: All student athletes who had a valid Preparticipation Examination (PPE) form dated anytime between March 1, 2019 – May 1, 2020 (used for the 2019-2020 seasons) will be granted a temporary one-year extension through the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. If the student does not have a valid form from these dates, they will need an updated physical form prior to any summer workout or season participation.”

  • After Daily Check-In, report to their designated area for practice (Outside teams will exit the gym by the door closet to the health screening station.)

  • Hand sanitizer is located in the gym

  • Locker rooms and weight rooms are CLOSED

  • Bathrooms are open

  • Students will need to bring anything they need: water, towels, and personal items needed for workouts

  • After workouts students will clean up according to their coaches directions - school has provided Clorox wipes and disinfectant. Please wipe down all equipment and surfaces that you’ve used.

  • Students will leave the gym by the doors near the concession stand

If you have additional questions, please check with the appropriate coach(es).

Sport-Specific Workout Info:

HS Women’s Basketball

Coach Jennifer Bridges


Monday, July 6 8:30-10:00am

Tuesday, July 7 8:30-10:00am

Wednesday, July 8 8:30-10:00am

Thursday, July 9 8:30-10:00am

Pre-workout checks at 8:15-8:30am at the gym

Summer Tennis Open Courts

Coach Kelly Eldridge


Open to girls and boys

Monday, July 6 9:00-10:30am

Wednesday, July 8 9:00-10:30am

Monday, July 13 9:00-10:30am

Wednesday, July 15 9:00-10:30am

Pre-workout checks at 8:45-9:00am at the gym

HS Men's Basketball Session 1

Coach Jason Messier


Monday, July 6 10:30-12:00pm

Tuesday, July 7 10:30-12:00pm

Wednesday, July 8 10:30-12:00pm

Thursday, July 9 10:30-12:00pm

Monday, July 13 10:30-12:00pm

Tuesday, July 14 10:30-12:00pm

Wednesday, July 15 10:30-12:00pm

Thursday, July 16 10:30-12:00pm

Monday, July 20 10:30-12:00pm

Tuesday, July 21 10:30-12:00pm

Wednesday, July 22 10:30-12:00pm

Thursday, July 23 10:30-12:00pm

Monday, July 27 10:30-12:00pm

Tuesday, July 28 10:30-12:00pm

Wednesday, July 29 10:30-12:00pm

Thursday, July 30 10:30-12:00pm

Pre-workout checks at 10:15-10:30am at the gym

HS Men's Basketball Session 2

Coach Chris Callicutt


Monday, July 6 12:30-2:00pm

Tuesday, July 7 2:30-4:00pm

Wednesday, July 8 12:30-2:00pm

Pre-workout checks 15 minutes prior to start time at the gym.

HS Volleyball

Coach Johnny Alston


Tuesday, July 7 12:30-2:00pm

Thursday, July 9 12:30-2:00pm

Tuesday, July 14 No Workout

Thursday, July 16 12:30-2:00pm

Tuesday, July 21 12:30-2:00pm

Thursday, July 23 12:30-2:00pm

Pre-workout checks at 12:15-12:30pm at the gym

HS Soccer

Coach Scott Kidd



HS Wrestling

Coach Jonathan Huskey



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PO Box 245

Siler City, NC  27344

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High School: 919-742-4505

Athletic Dept.: 919-364-0060

Fax: 919-742-2518